Dryopteris dilitata crispa whiteside

Dryopteris dilitata 'Crispa Whitside'  British native.  This is a very nice cultivar, quite similar to the species though more vertical in habit with the main body of the frond neatly crisped. A beautiful light green as the first growths appear in the spring gradually darkening through the season.  It will remain green right through untill the spring, only losing the fronds to the hardest frosts in the early part of the year. It also has very dark scales all along the stipe which contrasts very nicely with the bright green foliage.  It is a very open,elegant fern and definitely to have in your garden.  A board buckler fern, beautiful form of moisture loving british native fern with large broad spreading fronds intricately contested and wavy. 60cm very good for naturalising in woodland and near water, all leafy parts of the frond are crispy
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