Onoclea sensibillis

The fronds of this fern are triangular pinnate, a lovely light green occasionally with a degree of red edging also some plants have reddish stems. This fern has similarities with M.struthiopteris in the production of spore.  Again sterile fronds are sent up first, then later in the year the fertile fronds appear. The plant is also good for the same position as M.struthiopteris preferring a moist to quite wet site in shade or semi-shade.  It runs around on shallow rhizomes which make for easy propagation and also for the easy removal of the plant if it becomes too large for the area.
Deciduous, rhizomatous fern forming extensive colonies of board, light green, pinnate fronds to 60cm in length, the pinnae deeply lobed. shorter,narrow fertile fronds have much reduced blackish lobes.
Max 2ft  /  Moist soil  /  Avoid full sun light  /  North America.  

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